Operational Data Governance (ODG)

This white paper is about activating data stewards and formalizing accountability for data through what we call Operational Data Governance (ODG).

Discovering Data Occurrence

Identifying sensitive information is not simple. This white paper highlights the real issues involved. Companies concerned with compliance and governance need to consider the issues raised here and match these against potential providers.

Foundation Issues for the CDO

What are the issues and problems that face a CDO, which a CDO should be able to resolve, that are not within the compass of a CIO? Why and when do you need a CDO?


Global IDs 2016 CDO Toolkit Webinar Series - Domain Profiling

This Webinar focuses on Domain Profiling, which is a key step in understanding, governing and extracting value from data across the ecosystem and seems like an impossible task in complex enterprises. It helps in understanding the importance of domain profiling, its role in the data management roadmap and the automated approach being used in some of today's most challenging data ecosystems to achieve this critical outcome.

Data Governance 2.0

Michele Goetz, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, and Arka Mukherjee, founder and CEO of Global IDs, discuss Data Governance 2.0 and how knowing what data you have, how to use it, and when to use it is more critical than ever.

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451 Research / June 28, 2016 Global IDs Continues Expansion Driven by Enterprise-wide Information Management

This report focuses on how Global IDs has continued its expansion, driven by ongoing adoption of its Enterprise Information Management Suite, offering data profiling, data quality, data integration and data migration capabilities to enable enterprises to automatically identify the data assets stored across its estate of databases and file systems. To read the full report, click here.

Analyst: Matt Aslett

Gartner / May 6, 2016 How Chief Data Officers Can Use an Information Catalog to Maximize Business Value from Information Assets

To monetize internal and external business data, chief data officers must learn lessons from traditional asset management disciplines. By using an information catalog properly, CDOs can develop and expand a data-driven culture and derive new value from their organization's information assets. To view the full report, click here.

Analysts: Alan D. Duncan, Douglas Laney, Guido De Simoni

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