July 18 - July 20, 2018 / Cambridge, MA

Global IDs is one of the Premium Sponsors of this event. This conference focuses on the developing landscape, from local organizational issues to global challenges, through case studies from industry, academic, financial, government and healthcare leaders.

Bill Winkler, our CTO, will be speaking at this event.

Title : How to reach data nirvana

Abstract : Unique perspectives building upon our experience of nearly two decades with major global corporations and smaller firms helping make their data better are presented. We take a look at what it might mean to mature as a data organization. Continuous improvement is a universal goal that leads to transformative positive impact. Most firms can be viewed as being at some stage of data maturity. It helps to think of a firm’s data journey by contextualizing it within a model of data maturity. Models minimize mayhem. From the vantage point of a firm’s data universe, improving data maturity is continuous improvement. Governments, consortia and industry alike have attempted to leverage models to assess and ultimately improve data maturity. Explore how making data better is the theory of everything (data) and the road to data maturity.

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