The CDO Toolkit


Today’s CDOs are confronted with challenges both internal and external to their organizations. The spectrum of priorities include data security, data privacy, data quality and data stewardship, which lay the foundation for corporate compliance and risk, market intelligence, data governance and cost management initiatives. 

Global IDs has created the essential toolkit to help CDOs successfully create data transparency, organization and auditability across an ever increasing and interdependent data ecosystem.

Global IDs’ comprehensive Enterprise Information Management suite of solutions are designed to meet the challenges that CDOs face today. Our focus on scale and automation is enabling CDOs to deliver results in some of the largest and most complex data ecosystems.

Data Discovery

Just provide connection information to your data sources and kick off the automated workflows. Global IDs will create a comprehensive asset inventory and metadata repository including all documented characteristics and relationships.

Data Profiling

Global IDs statistical profiling capabilities highlights our automated approach to understanding your data. It is a first pass on data quality and trust. All profiling results are stored within the metadata repository and presented through dashboards, reports and API calls.

Data Organization

For large data ecosystems the automatic identification and curation of domains or critical data elements (CDE) helps turn mountains of information into manageable results. Let the application find your private and sensitive data. Automatically map the locations of your critical data elements and organize into semantic objects.

Data Lineage

Understand and document the flow of data throughout your organization. Leveraging our deep understanding of the underlying data, its location and its provenance. Global IDs has developed a number of machine-based techniques to understand the lifecycle in your data environments.

Data Quality

Leverage the Data Profiling and Data Organization techniques to automatically recommend data quality rules across platforms. Create, run and monitor data quality rules across diverse data sources. Organize results in custom dashboards and alert your data stewards in real time.

Trusted Analytics

Global IDs provides the deep understanding, required to trust your analytics output. Create a comprehensive understanding of your data ecosystem and continually monitor for changes to the landscape to ensure the insights you gain from your big data environment are accurate and actionable.

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