Data Distribution Functional Layer

Build own applications using Global IDs API.

In this layer, the software helps expose metadata, domains and semantic objects through a web services API. The intent is to support other users, who can build their own applications using the Global IDs REST API to retrieve information about the data ecosystem.

In this manner, users can  search  columns associated with semantic objects, semantic domains and metadata across the enterprise data landscape from other applications installed anywhere in the network. Actionable Web Services enables you to invoke and execute SOAP 1.1 compliant web services. API Designer enables you to expose JSON data using REST web services.



Modules Description
Metadata Webservices Creates SOAP based web services to expose metadata
Metadata Web Services(REST) Creates REST based web services to expose JSON data
Actionable Web Services Invokes and executes SOAP 1.1 compliant web services
API Designer Exposes JSON data using REST web services


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