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Automated Integration of Disparate Data & Legal Entity Identifiers (LEIs)

The Global IDs Data Integration Suite is the foundation for successful integration of data and LEIs. It provides enterprises with a systemic understanding of data in their data landscapes – creating data hubs, integrating disparate data, and creating authoritative data repositories for the data ecosystem.

Core Functions

  • Perform Simple ETL Activities
  • Enrich Individual, Company and LEI Data
  • Integrate Data
  • Create KPIs and Key Metrics
automated data integration
integration of LEI data

Data Integration

The Global IDs Data Integration Suite helps organizations integrate disparate data, and create authoritative data sets.  

This product suite helps in combining data residing in different sources and databases and providing users with a unified view of these data assets. It also helps organizations integrate their core legal entity data and ensure that these data assets are harmonized across the enterprise. The software supports operational data flows to ensure that new data is also continuously integrated. It helps in maintaining the integrity and reliability of data ecosystem.

Organization and Functional Layers

The Data Integration Suite is composed of the following functional layers:

profiling for complex data

Features Overview

  • Creation of staging databases where master data tables can be aggregated.
  • Creation of master data hubs where master data tables can be integrated.
  • Operational data integration to ensure that master data harmonization is operationalized 

Product Comparison

Task Global IDs Others
Discover Data Landscape Automated Manual
Profile Data Landscape Automated Manual
Map Data Landscape Automated Manual
Model Data Landscape Automated Manual
Amount of training needed 2 Hours Days or Weeks
Time to deploy Days Months
Licensing model Subscription or term Big upfront procurement