What is
Data Mapping?

Data mapping is a strategy used to automate the widespread discovery of tables that contain key business concepts. Data Mapping combines multiple data elements together to define business critical data objects such as Customer, Account, Employee etc.

Data Mapping

Why Trust Global IDs with Your Data Mapping?

Global IDs Data Classification* is used to determine the meaning of data at the column level. Data Mapping combines these columns to construct business critical data objects such as Customer, Account or Employee.

Tables are mapped to business critical data object automatically. Automated mapping of tables without any user intervention delivers value and velocity at an enterprise scale.

Understanding the meaning of a table allows Global IDs to document relationships that cross schema, database and application boundaries.

* visit https://www.globalids.com/data-classification/ to learn more about Data Classification

How Does Data Mapping Benefit You?

Data Quality and Validation

Understanding the meaning of table data allows for the implementation of data validation rules to ensure data integrity. This includes checks for permissible values, data types, and other constraints.

Automation at Scale

The Mapping of tables is automated and scales to support the largest and most complex data ecosystems.

Efficient Data Migration

When organizations need to move data from one system to another, data mapping simplifies the process. It helps ensure a smooth transition by defining how data in the legacy system corresponds to the data structure in the new system. This minimizes the risk of data loss, corruption, and misalignment during migration.

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