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Automated Migration of Data Ecosystems

The Global IDs Data Migration Suite helps organization migrate to lower cost environments based on cloud and Hadoop infrastructures. "Data Lakes" can be populated with high quality data from parts of the data ecosystem that have already gone through QA, Governance and Cleansing. Prior to migration, the software can create "synthetic" data sets for testing and application development. Data scientists can use these synthetic data sets for predictive analytics. Application developers can use the synthetic data sets for "Data-Centric" application development.

Core Functions

  • Auto-generate Synthetic Data Sets
  • Migrate Data Assets into Hadoop
  • Build New "Data-Centric" Applications
  • Build Mobile Applications on the Data Lake
data migration software
data migration product suite.

Data Migration

The Data Migration Suite helps large organizations migrate their data into "Data Lakes" on Hadoop-based infrastructures

Once the enterprise data landscape is organized, cleansed and integrated, it can be moved into less-expensive modern infrastructures based on cloud and Hadoop. Unlike traditional approaches that use Hadoop/HDFS as a dumping ground for garbage data, the Global IDs software can be used to create "Data Lakes" with pristine data that has gone through rigorous checks and balances.

The Data Migration Suite also helps organizations build Synthetic Data Sets for use by Data Scientists. These synthetic data sets have the characteristics of "real" data, but do not contain any actual data records that are found in enterprise databases. Using synthetic data allows data scientists to carry out their experiments, while not violating Enterprise Security, Privacy and Compliance policies.

Organization and Functional Layers

The Data Migration Suite is composed of the following functional layers:

profiling for complex data

Features Overview

Automation of 99% of Synthetic Data Generation tasks

The software can create synthetic databases that can be used for a variety of purposes, including Data Science and Mobile Application Development.

Automation of 99% of Data Migration tasks

The software can move custom data sets into HDFS and Hadoop-centric databases (e.g. Hive, Cassandra, Titan) by utilizing data-migration workflows."

Support for "Data-Centric" Application Development

The software exposes a REST-based Web-Services API to provide information to other applications that require metadata and data.

Product Comparison

Task Global IDs Others
Discover Data Landscape Automated Manual
Profile Data Landscape Automated Manual
Map Data Landscape Automated Manual
Model Data Landscape Automated Manual
Amount of training needed 2 Hours Days or Weeks
Time to deploy Days Months
Licensing model Subscription or term Big upfront procurement