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Automated Analysis of Data Ecosystems

The Global IDs Data Profiling Suite is the foundation for successful metadata management, master data management and data governance  programs. It provides enterprises with a systemic understanding of their data landscapes – raising awareness, creating transparency, enhancing accuracy and reducing the overhead required to manage data ecosystems.

Core Functions

  • Discover & Profile Data Assets
  • Organize Data Assets
  • Auto-generate Data Maps & Models
  • Compute Data Lineage
  • Support Enterprise Search
data profiling software
profiling for complex data

Data Profiling

The Data Profiling Suite helps large organizations create a comprehensive inventory of their data and information assets.

Most large organizations have very complex data environments with hundreds, often thousands, of databases. These data ecosystems are usually opaque with no visibility into the data assets of the organization. As a consequence, organizations lack the ability to utilize their data assets for the benefit of their business.

The Data Profiling Suite helps organizations reverse engineer their data assets and maintain an up-to-date inventory of all data assets from across the data ecosystem.

Organization and Functional Layers

The Data Profiling Suite is composed of the following functional layers:

profiling for complex data

Features Overview

Automation of 99.9% of Data Discovery tasks

to extract metadata from structured and unstructured data assets from enterprise data repositories (including databases, file systems and Hadoop environments).

Automation of 99.9% of Data Profiling tasks

to create semantic metadata from enterprise data landscape. Semantic data profiles allow organizations to create a metadata repository with a granular understanding of the data assets, their relationships, their flow and their evolution.

Automation of Data Mapping

tasks to describe how information is distributed across the data landscape

Support for Enterprise Data Lineage

tasks to understand data flow across the enterprise

Product Comparison

Task Global IDs Others
Discover Data Landscape Automated Manual
Profile Data Landscape Automated Manual
Map Data Landscape Automated Manual
Model Data Landscape Automated Manual
Amount of training needed 2 Hours Days or Weeks
Time to deploy Days Months
Licensing model Subscription or term Big upfront procurement