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Enterprise data ecosystems need to be continuously monitored to ensure compliance with internal policies and external regulations.

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The Problem

Chief Compliance Officers are tasking with ensuring compliance with internal policies AND external governmental regulations. Given the growing number of regulatory mandates and the growing complexity of enterprise data environments, it is increasingly difficult to guarantee data compliance.

The challenge is finding the right compliance-related information, measuring the quality of available information, providing accurate data to the regulators, and integrated disparate sources of information to prevent regulatory fines for inconsistent reporting.

The Remedy

Our systematic approach to enterprise data management addresses these fundamental questions by providing:

  • A comprehensive inventory of data assets from across the data ecosystem and the ability to perform a search on the inventory of "semantic" metadata
  • A quality metric associated with all data assets in the inventory to ensure accurate data
  • Traditional integration approaches (data warehousing, master data management, etc.) as well as newer, Big Data options that provide a lower cost approach to complex integration problems (Hadoop-based integration and analysis)

enterprise data risk and compliance

compliance reporting solution suite

Our Solutions

Global IDs provides enterprise data management software to create a foundation for regulatory data provisioning and reporting. The Global IDs Compliance Reporting Solution Suite (CRSS) allows organizations to organize regulatory reporting data in a systematic way.

Creating a foundation for regulatory data and reporting, the software performs the following activities:

  1. Data Discovery
  2. Data Profiling
  3. Data Quality
  4. Master Data Integration

As these steps are completed, data can be provisioned to meet both internal data compliance requirements as well as external regulatory reporting compliance requirements.


Global IDs software systematically peels away the complexity associated with provisioning data for compliance with internal policies and external regulations (see data sheet).

In contrast to manual approaches for measuring compliance with regulatory requirements, Global IDs uses machines to reverse-engineer the data ecosystem and identify candidate data assets for regulatory reporting. This process is largely automated and the data can be aggregated in a holistic manner. The end result is a map showing how a regulatory report can be derived from the data landscape.

Our machine-centric approach to compliance data provisioning is unique in scope and scale. The software is able to span large enterprise data landscapes, while looking for granular data at the sub-column level.

compliance data provisioning
Any company with a fairly complex data ecosystem will have significant legal entity needs for data tracking and entity resolution. - Arka Mukherjee, Global IDs Founder and CEO

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