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Securing enterprise data requires continuous monitoring of the data ecosystem.

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The Problem

Large enterprises have traditionally viewed data security as a perimeter defense matter. By monitoring traffic that enters from outside a company's network, Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) can usually prevent external hackers from coming across the "fence".

But malicious attacks are increasing in sophistication and inevitably the perimeter will be breached. CISOs need to prepare for scenarios like data leakage, data corruption and data deletion.

The Remedy

Data Security Profile Monitoring allows organizations to continuously monitor their data ecosystem looking for unusual or suspicious patterns of data usage.

data leakage, data corruption, and data deletion

data security solution suite

Our Solutions

The Data Security Solution Suite (DSSS) allows organizations to profile and monitor their data ecosystem in a systematic way.

In order to create a foundation for security, DSSS performs these core activities:

  1. Data Discovery
  2. Data Profiling
  3. Data Security Classification
  4. Data Security Monitoring

Once completed, all database tables that need to be secured are continuously monitored for abnormal activity. Whenever abnormal behavior is observed inside any database, alerts are raised and data protection workflows are triggered.


We provide an automated approach to comprehensive monitoring for data ecosystems. CISOs can now monitor ALL data in ALL databases and detect attacks from both inside and outside corporate boundaries.

Global IDs reverse-engineers the data ecosystem to identify critical data that needs to be secured from malicious attacks. Since data ecosystems are large and complex, the approach has to be 100% automated and scalable to meet the needs of large, global organizations.

A holistic approach to data security allows organizations to rapidly respond to attacks inside the corporate network. By acknowledging that inside attacks are imminent, organizations can prevent catastrophic shutdowns of critical databases.

Our machine-centric approach to data security and data privacy is much more cost-effective than traditional approaches. It is:

  1. Automated
  2. Scalable to large data ecosystems at the enterprise or global level
  3. Continuously running (monitoring changes to security profiles )
data security solution suite
You may have a great data security team, firewalls in place and data encryption for key applications that locks down 98% of your systems and data from intrusion. But it’s that 2% that gets exposed in ways you didn’t even know existed, and now you have a major problem. - Arka Mukherjee, Global IDs founder and CEO

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