Comprehensive Data Privacy Management

Do you have a strategy for managing today’s data privacy challenges?

Data Privacy is a central challenge facing many companies and a top priority for any executive leading a data compliance initiative. The EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), due to take effect in May 2018, requires a comprehensive data privacy program. GDPR’s notification, transparency and portability requirements will demand changes across systems and processes and will reshape the data ownership model between companies and the individual.

Global IDs is working with industry leaders in finance, telecommunication, healthcare and retail to solve today’s most complex data ecosystem challenges. To learn more about Global IDs’ foundational approach to protecting private and sensitive data download this overview on Comprehensive Data Privacy Management. This document helps in:

  • Understanding the key provisions of GDPR and the new challenges of managing data privacy
  • Understanding Data Privacy as an ecosystem problem
  • Using an automated machine-centric approach to efficiently establish a foundation for managing private and sensitive data

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