The Challenge of Simplification

Decades of M&A activity in media companies have created complex data ecosystems that are not well understood. Machine-centric approaches to inventory generation and asset organization form the foundations of Enterprise Information Management in these companies.


Global IDs provides customized versions of its products for specific industries.

Large media & publishing companies must significantly reduce their cost structure to survive and thrive in an increasingly competitive environment. Global IDs provides an approach to reducing costs associated with data management.

These industry-specific versions of our products address multiple industry challenges related to:

  • Provider Master Data Governance
  • Regulatory Compliance (PCI)
  • Data Privacy (PII)

Industry Challenge: Digital Asset Management

Increasing competition from internet media companies is putting pressure on large media & publishing companies to reduce cost and remain competitive.

In response, organizations are transforming themselves to digital media companies, moving away from print media to digital media. However, this transformation is a difficult journey with distinctive challenges.

  • How to discover / identify all print assets in the data landscape
  • How to convert these assets to digital assets
  • How to reduce cost while the conversion is happening.
digital asset management

Our Solution: Digital Data Discovery

The Global IDs machine-centric approach to data discovery creates an inventory of data assets that are currently scattered across databases and file systems around the enterprise. Through automated discovery, profiling, and metadata documentation we allow companies to create inventories of digital data assets. These assets are subsequently managed in digital asset libraries.

The goal of the software is to systematically reduce costs associated with managing digital assets. We believe that significant cost savings are possible at the data ecosystem level.

data discovery software

Use Cases / Projects

1) Unstructured Data Discovery for Digital Assets

As CIOs of media companies attempt to rationalize their data environments, they must first have a good understanding of the data assets that are present in their enterprise. For organizations with thousands of databases and file systems, this can be a difficult task.

The Global IDs Data Profiling Product Suite was specifically created to help organizations automatically inventory their structured and unstructured data assets. Large media organizations have used the software to create transparency into their data ecosystem and use this knowledge to inventory their digital assets across the globe.

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