Transparency and Standardization

Transparency of Data assets within pharmaceutical companies poses a significant challenge. Machine-generated inventories of data assets can improve transparency and accelerate integration


Global IDs provides customized versions of its products for companies in the Pharmaceuticals industry.

Healthcare is shifting toward more outcomes-based treatment, which requires collective data sharing. And as if gathering, linking, sharing and aggregating all this patient information weren’t challenging enough, the data must be kept private, secure and HIPAA compliant.

These industry-specific versions of our products address multiple industry challenges related to:

  • Provider Master Data Governance
  • Regulatory Compliance (PCI)
  • Data Privacy (PII)

Industry Challenge: Cost Controls

Data infrastructures in pharma organizations are very costly to maintain. After decades of M&A, the accumulated network of applications and databases has become so complex that it difficult to understand the flow of information across the data landscape.

This lack of "systemic" understanding leads to high costs for maintenance and new application development. It also creates a variety of problems for organizations:

  • High cost of data storage and management
  • Integration projects are difficult to fund and sustain
  • Reduced appetite / budgets for new innovation

Our Solution: Systematic Cost Reduction

The Global IDs machine-centric approach to master data management creates a foundation for firms to manage their data assets. Through automated discovery, data profiling, quality analysis and metadata documentation we allow companies to create transparency, enhance accuracy and reduce the resources required to manage data assets.

The goal of the software is to systematically reduce costs associated with data management. We believe that significant cost savings are possible at the data ecosystem level.

pharma master data management

Use Cases / Projects

1) Metadata Management

Pharma companies often lack a comprehensive metadata management tool to store and govern their core metadata.

The Global IDs Enterprise Information Management Product Suite was used by a major pharma company to discover, profile and monitor the metadata from data ecosystem. Additional metadata was ingested from data models, spreadsheets, glossaries and ontologies. A portal interface was created to support semantic searches on the enterprise metadata repository.


2) Customer Master Data Mapping and Governance

A Fortune 100 pharma company had their customer master data distributed across hundreds of databases in their data landscape. The company wanted to integrate their customer master data and create a "golden copy" record for each customer.

The Global IDs Data Profiling Product Suite was used to scan the data landscape and map the customer data. This map was used to aggregate the customer master data into an MDM hub where the data was subsequently integrated.


3) IDMP Data Mapping

IDMP -- Identification of Medicinal Products – provides a universal ID for drugs that can be referenced in ICSR (Individual Case Safety Reports). The five ISO standards that make up IDMP create a lot of building blocks for storing product information, standardizing how routes of administration, dosage forms and units are described. From there, building details on active and inactive substances into pharmaceutical products (how things are consumed) into packaged products (how things are sold).

A regulatory mandate requiring the use of IDMP identifiers has led many pharma organizations to initiate projects for IDMP absorption.

The need to automatically identify places where IDMP will be utilized in structured and unstructured data sources across the data landscape is a necessary step in the IDMP migration projects. Since IDMP codes are global identifiers, we have modified the Global IDs EIM Suite to accommodate the rules and semantics related to ICD codes. (Note: Some of this effort is ongoing, and the GA release will be available in Q1 2015).

Next Steps

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