Why We Built Global IDs

We are passionate about data design and information management and take great pride in building software that solves complex problems for the world's most demanding institutions.

Global IDs was founded in 2001 by Dr. Arka Mukherjee, a data management industry expert with extensive experience in master data management and data warehousing. By predicting the data deluge facing Fortune 500 companies, the Global IDs team was able to address the specific challenges of complex data environments almost 10 years before the advent of Big Data.

As scientists and engineers, we were interested in designing software that could organize information in complex data ecosystems with many databases. Having first understood the historical basis of why older software would not scale up to large data ecosystems, we pursued design principles that were based on complex adaptive systems. After much trial and error, we were able to create solutions that would work in enterprise environments, with the right levels of performance, security and non-perturbation.    

Our aspiration is to build innovative software tools that will solve significant data management problems for "Data-Centric" organizations. Using techniques derived from statistics, mathematics and linguistics, we hope to provide our customers with a set of core capabilities that will create competitive differentiation in the marketplace.

Global IDs Today

Global IDs has built one of the most scalable, flexible, adaptive software suites that can meet the needs of the world's largest organizations. Global IDs is empowering some of the most complex enterprises by integrating and organizing the information to create a holistic understanding of the enterprise data ecosystem.

For almost 15 years, Global IDs has been providing data management software products to some of the largest retail, financial, telecom, pharmaceutical and healthcare companies in the world. With a growing global presence, we are expanding to multiple regions around the world and hope to serve the majority of Global 2000 customers in the near future.