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Data Governance Driven by Data

Human beings craft policies and high-level definitions, but the truth of what needs governing lies in the data. The Global IDs Enterprise Data Automation platform automates data governance by building comprehensive knowledge of where data is, what it is, and how it flows, gaining control of the data from the bottom up.

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Ensuring Data Privacy

Without comprehensive knowledge of the data landscape, there is no way to know all sensitive data has been secured. The Global IDs Enterprise Data Automation platform creates the privacy foundation that ensures compliance and strengthens stakeholder confidence.

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Enabling Digital Transformation

Cloud migration, modernization, mergers, enabling analytics and business intelligence...Every enterprise faces one or more of these journeys of digital transformation. The Global IDs Enterprise Data Automation platform delivers the ecosystem transparency needed for objective decision making as your digital environment undergoes enterprise-wide change.

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Metadata Management is the Fulcrum

The sheer growth of enterprise data, increasing regulatory pressures, and the need to extract more value from data have all caused metadata to emerge as the fulcrum of data management, compliance, and business intelligence.

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