Harness the Power

of Enterprise AI

Harness the

Power of

Enterprise AI

Our Enterprise AI Assistants automate common data management tasks delivering quality and velocity at a fraction of the cost.

Comprehensive Data Documentation

Our ‘Column-Expansion’ Assistant translates abstract column names into their plain, simple English equivalents.

Our ‘Data Glossary’ Assistant creates a centralized glossary of business terms with data field descriptions populated automatically.

Data Privacy

Our ‘Data Privacy’ Assistant evaluates the sensitivity of each column and tags the record with the privacy risk severity.

Enterprise Data Analysis Using Natural Language Queries

Ask questions of your Enterprise Data without writing queries.

Global IDs NLP democratizes firmwide data knowledge by delivering hallucination-free answers from one authoritative metadata source.
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Real-Time Data Observability

Go from NLP result to Data Lineage flow with one click.

Users can observe where the data originated, where it flows to and how it is transformed en route.

Self-Serve Enterprise Data Training Framework

Our AI ‘Data Literacy’ Assistant truly democratizes data knowledge.

It gives all employees the opportunity to educate themselves on enterprise data concepts and then guides them to implement what they have learned.

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Frequently Asked Questions about AI

How can I use AI for Data Analytics?

The biggest challenge for analysts is getting access to accurate and trusted data quickly. Moreover, additional analysis is required on that data to make it useful and valuable. Global IDs AI Assistant can answer your data and metadata questions immediately using natural language. It can remove ambiguity in naming conventions, outliers and provide trusted responses for analysis. Our wide range of AI Assistants can add additional value to your analysis and help complete your tasks for your Data Management use cases.

What are Data Management AI Assistants?

Global IDs provides a large Framework for AI Assistants for Data Management use cases where each Assistant becomes a member of your team. So, you have an AI Glossary Assistant who can start generating business glossaries from tables for your SMEs within minutes, who can then work on the more pertinent collaborative workflows and tasks. Your business and DQ Assistant can work together to convert plain texts to rule or business policies to rule, and execute and score the Ecosystem Data Quality. Assign your AI Privacy Assistant tasks to ensure that sensitive data is always masked, protected or synthesized during any analysis.

How can I ensure that this solution is tailor-made for my use cases?

The AI models are built to answer your enterprise question by learning and understanding your enterprise data. You can ask questions about your metadata, data and start working on data tasks using our wide range of AI Assistants.

Is this solution available On-Prem or SaaS?

It is available both On-Prem and as a SaaS solution. Contact here for more information.

Are there role based restrictions on AI usage?

Yes. You can add restrictions on what data an individual or team can access as well as the different AI-Assistants they can work with.

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