Data Classification and Mapping

The Power of Relevance

How It Works

Where is the Relevant Data?

Where does all the data related to compliance reside in your enterprise? Where does all the data reside that relates to key business concepts? Beyond an inventory of data assets, you need to know what data means, so you can identify all the relevant data.

Enterprise Data Mapping
Automating Classification of Enterprise Data

Logical Classification with Machine Learning

Relevance resides in logical relationships. Humans can spot such relationships readily. Machines can learn to emulate this capability, automating the logical classification of the volumes of enterprise data spread across many systems.

A Business Data Map for the Whole Enterprise

Global IDs Data Classification uses machine learning algorithms and a scalable architecture capable of logically classifying millions of columns per day, linking them with the logical business concepts they physically represent.

The result is a view of the data landscape keyed by relevance- so your data stewards can select, secure, and monitor all the relevant data automatically.

Data Classification
Data Discovery and Profiling

Global IDs Data Classification at a Glance:

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