Introducing the Global IDs OneMDR
The first data management product to unify database metadata from on-prem data sources and Cloud data sources into one metadata repository.

Unify On-Prem and Cloud Metadata in One Metadata Repository

Why Choose the Global IDs OneMDR?

360-Degree View

Having both on-premises and cloud metadata in a single repository provides a comprehensive view of the entire data landscape, delivering more complete search results and firmwide governance oversight.

Data Model Conformance

Consolidating metadata from a wide variety of database, application and file formats into a single data model, allows users to access and analyze data from various systems in one consistent format.

Consistent Standards

Enforcing metadata standards becomes more straightforward when managing all on-prem and cloud metadata centrally, leading to improved data quality and consistency across the organization.

How Does OneMDR Benefit you?
As organizations scale and their data ecosystems evolve, a unified metadata repository provides one source of metadata facts that stays current across both on-prem and cloud data sources.
Holistic Data
A centralized metadata repository aids in ensuring compliance with regulations and standards by providing a single source for auditing data conformance and regulatory compliance.
Unified Search
and Discovery
Users can easily search and discover firmwide data assets, regardless of their location (on-premises or in the cloud), reducing the time and effort required for data discovery.
With OneMDR, The Scope of These Data Catalog Features Is Truly Firmwide

OneMDR Frequently Asked Questions

How does One Metadata Repository help our Data Governance initiatives?

A single Metadata Repository provides a centralized platform for implementing and enforcing consistent Data Governance policies and standards. By consolidating database metadata across off-prem and on-prem sources companies can establish clear guidelines for Data Quality, security, and compliance, ensuring that all data assets are managed and used responsibly across the organization.

Can One Metadata Repository enhance our Data Discovery efforts?

With all database metadata stored in a single repository, companies gain a comprehensive view of their data landscape. This facilitates Data Discovery, Lineage tracing, and impact analysis, empowering users to quickly find and understand relevant data assets for their needs. Improved data understanding leads to better decision-making and more informed strategic initiatives.

How does One Metadata Repository streamline our data integration and migration projects?

Consolidating database metadata simplifies data integration and migration efforts. Companies can easily map data sources, understand data structures, and identify dependencies, accelerating the process of integrating new data sources or migrating existing ones. This streamlining reduces the time and resources required for data integration projects, allowing companies to realize value from their data more quickly.

Why is One Metadata Repository important for Data Lineage and traceability?

A single metadata repository enables companies to establish comprehensive Data Lineage and traceability, providing visibility into the origin, transformation, and usage of data across the organization. This transparency enhances regulatory compliance, auditability, and risk management, helping companies mitigate compliance risks and maintain data integrity.

Can One Metadata Repository improve our collaboration and knowledge sharing?

By centralizing database metadata, companies promote collaboration and knowledge sharing among data stakeholders. A shared understanding of data assets fosters cross-functional collaboration, alignment, and innovation. This collaboration enhances productivity, accelerates decision-making, and drives business value across the organization.

Can One Metadata Repository help us adapt to change quickly?

With a centralized metadata repository, companies can respond more quickly to changing business requirements, technological advancements, and regulatory mandates. The flexibility and agility provided by a single metadata repository enable companies to adapt their data architectures, processes, and systems more effectively to evolving needs and challenges, driving innovation and competitiveness.

What is the best Metadata Repository tool?

The Global IDs OneMDR is an excellent choice for companies that use many different database technologies or those who have migrated operations to the Cloud. Large companies commonly have important data spread across a variety of different database technologies and file stores located both on-prem and off-prem. The Global IDs OneMDR unifies the metadata from all of these sources into one single repository to ensure that consumers get all of the metadata insights they need the first time.

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