Metadata Management

How It Works

Metadata: Fulcrum of Data-Driven Enterprise

The sheer growth of enterprise data, increasing regulatory pressures, and the need to extract more value from data have all caused metadata to emerge as the fulcrum of data management, compliance, and business intelligence. Metadata organizes data, classifies it, and encodes its relevance, thus making relevant data and its value accessible. But metadata, in turn, requires tools to build it, manage it, and use it to analyze data and extract value.

Metadata Management

A Platform-Based Solution for Metadata Management

The Global IDs Data Ecosystem Evolution Platform (DEEP) platform builds metadata using its discovery, profiling, classificationlineage, and catalog functions, overcoming barriers between silos and creating a unified map of the entire enterprise data landscape: the location of data, its meaning and dependencies, and its flow patterns through the ecosystem.
Automated Metadata Management

An Emphasis on Automation and Scalability

Human beings define business terms, set rules and policies, and specify data at a high level. Automation takes care of connecting the dots at the physical and systems levels. Global IDs machine learning bridges the gap between high-level definition and the details that vary across many systems and applications, regardless of the size of the enterprise, from small to very large.

Data Discovery and Profiling

Global IDs Metadata Management at a Glance:

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