Metadata Inventory and Change Management

A complete and accurate metadata inventory is fundamental for effective data management, governance, and utilization.
Metadata Inventory and Change Management

What is a Metadata Inventory?

A Metadata Inventory is a comprehensive, organized list of all the data that an organization collects, stores, and manages which includes structured data (such as databases and spreadsheets), semi-structured data (like XML or JSON files), and unstructured data (such as text documents, images, and videos).
Metadata Inventory

Why Trust Global IDs with Your Metadata Inventory?

One Single Integrated Platform

With out-of-the-box connectivity to >75 databases, >40 file types and >10 applications*

Scale and Automation

Designed to support large, complex and hybrid data ecosystems. Automatic change detection and change data capture keeps your inventory evergreen. **

Simple Search UI

One simple search allows both business and technical users to easily access the entire metadata catalog.

Simple Share API

Share the Metadata Inventory with any consuming application automatically using Global IDs APIs.

* Click here to view our supported data sources.
** Click here to learn more about automated change data capture called Lights Out Scanning.

How Does a Complete and Evergreen

Metadata Inventory Benefit You?

Data Governance and Compliance

Metadata Inventories provide organizations with a comprehensive view of their data assets which is crucial for enforcing and complying with regulations like GDPR, HIPAA, or CCPA, and mitigating the risk
of data breaches.

Data Quality and Accuracy

A well-maintained metadata inventory helps organizations
identify data errors,
inconsistencies, and
redundancies enabling them to take corrective actions and improve data quality.

Efficient Data Management and Utilization

Metadata inventories help organizations to catalog data assets, making it easier to find,
access, and leverage the right data for various purposes, saving time and reducing the risk of data silos and duplication.

What is Metadata Change Management?

Metadata change management refers to the process of controlling changes to metadata within an organization’s data management and governance framework. Effectively managing changes to metadata is essential for maintaining data quality, effectively governance, and data assest integrity.
Metadata Change Management

Why Trust Global IDs with Your Metadata

Change Management?

Smart Scan Keeps Your Metadata Current

Your Metadata is constantly changing. Global IDs monitors
your data ecosystem. When changes are detected, the software automatically scans
the changed metadata to keep your repository always current.

One Single Integrated Platform

With out-of-the-box
connectivity to >75 databases, >40 file types and >10 applications*

Audit Trail of All

The software tracks all changes and presents change information in a simple Audit Trail showing what was changed, when it was changed and by who.

* Click here to view our supported data sources.

How does Metadata Change Management Benefit You?

Data Quality and Consistency

Metadata change management helps improve data quality and consistency which delivers more accurate reporting, better decision-making, and reduced errors and inefficiencies.

Change Control Enforcement

By monitoring metadata changes, organizations can verify that all metadata changes are authorized and the appropriate code migration strategy followed.

Compliance and Accountability

Metadata change management promotes compliance with regulatory requirements and organizational data governance policies.

Change Data Capture Process

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