What is Data Observability?

Data Observability provides companies with a comprehensive understanding of the health of the data at each stage in its life cycle.

With the Global IDs DataVerse, Data Owners
are the first to know when data quality violations arise and can trace the root cause to understand the impact and prevent recurrence.

Data Owners receive alerts when the Data Governance policy is violated like this example where the email address was truncated during data movement.

Why Trust Global IDs with Your Data Observability?

Data Leakage Alerts

Data Owners are alerted when records are dropped during data movement.

Policy Driven Governance

Data Policies are enforced across the data lifecycle to alert Data Owners of violations.

Prevent Lost Time

Data Owners can visualize root cause and proactively resolve issues to prevent reoccurrence. They avoid putting other vital initiatives on hold while researching the problem.

Prevent Lost Trust

Business stakeholders and customers will avoid using data whose quality and completeness cannot be trusted.

Prevent Lost Revenue

When customers learn that the data product they purchased or data used to service them is unreliable, they move to competitors.

How Does Data Observability Benefit You?

Prevent Data Downtime*
The Global IDs DataVerse prevents data downtime by consistently enforcing data quality policies throughout the lifecycle of the data and by exposing dropped records during data movement.
Empower Data Owners

The Global IDs DataVerse
empowers your Data Owners to be the first to know of a Data Quality violation in Production by pinpointing the root cause to understand where and how the data broke.

Create Trusted Data Products

Reliable data leads to more reliable and trusted data products which include reports, dashboards, large language models and other data assets offered to stakeholders.

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