What is Data FingerPrinting?

Fingerprinting is a proprietary technology developed by Global IDs to distinguish data columns. The software creates a unique
identifier, like a human fingerprint, used by the ML Classification* engine to organize data automatically.

* To learn more about data classification visit https://www.globalids.com/data-classification/

Why Trust Global IDs with Your Data Fingerprinting?

Proprietary Technology

  • Global IDs' use of feature vector technology gives you the ability to organize data quickly at scale.
  • Global IDs Transfer Learning technology allows the discovery and tagging of Critical Data Elements like Name, Credit Card Number and Social Security Number on day 1.

Data Deduplication

Fingerprinting identifies duplicate columns of data to simplify cloud migrations, reduce data storage expenses and promote one version of the truth.

Data Lineage**

Fingerprinting is a fundamental technique in the software to identify the movement of data across the system landscape.

** To learn more about data lineage visit https://www.globalids.com/data-lineage/

How Does Data Fingerprinting Benefit you?

Automated Classification with Transfer Learning
Fingerprints of common data concepts like First Name, Zip Code and Credit Card Number are delivered with the product to automate Classification at scale on day 1.
Sensitive Data Tagging
Confidently comply with Privacy regulations by automatically discovering and tagging columns containing sensitive data.
Automated Change Management
The software can re-generate and compare new fingerprints to existing fingerprints to automatically identify changes to columns across the system landscape.

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