What is Data Profiling?

Data profiling is the systematic process of examining, analyzing, and recording the characteristics of data. It involves analyzing data sources and collecting metadata on the condition of data to uncover data quality issues of duplication, consistency, accuracy and completeness.

Why Trust Global IDs with Your Data Profiling?

One Single Integrated Product

Includes a wide variety of profiling dimensions to offer users a deep understanding of their data including Statistical, Relationship, Subtable, Time Series, ID, Correlation and Data File Profilers.

Simplifies DQ Rule Creation

The Global IDs Profiler learns from user feedback to simplify Data Quality rule creation by non-technical users.

Drives Automated ML Classification

The intelligence gained during profiling enables our proprietary Fingerprinting* technology to automate data Classification** using advanced Machine Learning.

* To learn more about data fingerprinting visit https://www.globalids.com/data-fingerprinting/
* To learn more about data classification visit https://www.globalids.com/data-classification/

How Does Data Profiling Benefit You

Improved Data Quality
Data profiling helps identify and address Data Quality issues such as missing values, duplicates, inconsistencies, inaccuracies, and outliers. Once known, users can take corrective action to increase accuracy and reliability leading to better decision making.
Simplified Data Integration and Migration
By analyzing the structure and content of data from disparate sources, organizations can better understand the data. This helps the mapping and transformation of data to ensure compatibility and consistency when merging or migrating data from multiple systems.
Mitigated Risk
Data profiling can help mitigate regulatory risk by providing visibility into data content and structure inconsistencies and can help prevent reputation damage by detecting and resolving business partner data inaccuracies.

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