Data Governance

A Better Approach to Enterprise Data Governance

How It Works

Directed by Humans, but Driven by the Data

A small number of human beings need to be responsible for data governance policies and high-level definitions of the business concepts involved. But the ground truth of what needs governing lies in the data itself. Governance should be directed by humans, but driven by data, from the bottom up.

Enterprise Data Governance
Data Governance

Truth Lies in the Data Itself

The Global IDs data-driven approach to data governance brings truth and enforceability, without which there is no governance. Nothing can substitute for the actual scanning of the ecosystem, discovery of data assets, classification that puts it all in context, and lineage that analyzes how it flows through the enterprise – thus making data governable.

Intelligent Automation That Scales With the Enterprise

Data-driven governance is achieved through intelligent automation, which brings scalability as well. Whatever the size of your enterprise, an approach driven entirely by human resources requires more of those resources than you can spare. Intelligent automation brings truth and enforceability to governance across the whole enterprise, resulting in effective governance at less cost.

Data Governance Automation
Data Discovery and Profiling

Global IDs Data Governance at a Glance:

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