Data Glossary

“The beginning of wisdom is the definition of terms.” — Socrates

How It Works

What are we talking about?

Without clear definitions of what we are talking about, we may only appear to communicate. Somewhat different meanings naturally may accrue to key business terms across divisions, departments, or even individuals, resulting in miscommunication and its attendant effects. A common reference or data glossary for key business terms is therefore essential.

Data Glossary
Global IDs Data Glossary

Agreement on Definitions means Collaboration

Precise and adequate definitions of business terms require the contribution and agreement of more than one individual. Global IDs Data Glossary is a collaborative tool for proposing, evaluating, and approving new (or old) terms and their definitions.

Data Glossary: An entry point to the Data Landscape

Key business terms typically relate to one or more critical data elements or objects. When integrated with the functions of the Global IDs Data Ecosystem Evolution Platform (DEEP) platform, Data Glossary definitions provide easy entry points to visualizing and querying the logical and physical data landscape through functions such as Global IDs Data Catalog.

Data Glossary: An entry point to the Data Landscape
Data Discovery and Profiling

Global IDs Data Glossary at a glance:

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