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Data is not trustable by default. Do you trust yours?
Data is the resource that fuels our digital economy, but most enterprises find it difficult to get value out of their data because they do not know what they have, where it is, or what it means.

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In this episode of Bloor InAudio, Dr. Arka Mukherjee, CEO of data management software company Global IDs joins Bloor Research Senior Analyst Andy Hayler and host Elizabeth Hotson BBC presenter and journalist, to look at the key role data lineage plays in ensuring data quality across an organisation.

The Team Discuss the Following Questions:

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An Overview of Data Quality

Everyone who uses data for any purpose is relying on the data to be free from defects and represent what it is supposed to represent.  Loss of trust in data can happen suddenly and take a long time to regain.  

Global IDs Data Quality capability provides the means to take control of data quality and detect any issues before the data is used in business processes.

Global IDs’ Data Quality

Global IDs provide a basic data quality service in their profiling capabilities.  Data values that are outliers can be identified and reported to administrators, who can then decide if they are true errors or not.  For instance, a column with Zip Codes may have some values that are only 4 digits, whereas the great majority are 5 digits.  

Similarly, a US State Code column in a Customer table might have some values not found in the parent reference data table, perhaps codes for Canadian provinces.  In this way, the profiling capability of Global IDs can be used at any time to discover potential data quality issues.

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Global IDs Data Quality Capability Goes further than Profiling

The Global IDs Data Quality capability goes further than profiling and allows enterprises to place data quality controls on their data assets.  These controls are rules that get defined by business users and implemented in Global IDs.  

Additionally, the controls can be automatically generated by Global IDs for critical data elements.  The controls function like rules that continuously monitor the data elements they are linked to.  If the control detects a data value that it considers to be an exception, this is flagged and notifications are generated.

Global IDs Data Quality Capability can also Manage Stakeholder Involvement

Because Global IDs is an integrated platform with many other components, the Data Quality capability can link metrics about the health of data to other content in the Data Catalog, Business Glossary, and so on.  This provides meaningful information that is presented in reports and dashboards.  

The Global IDs Data Quality capability can also manage stakeholder involvement via RACI matrices that are further linked to these reports and dashboards.  The result is that the enterprise’s data ecosystem can be placed under the control needed from a data quality perspective to provide the level of trust in the data that business users expect.

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Data quality platform

How It Works

Understanding the data that drives your enterprise – where it is, what it is, and its state of integrity. This is the first step toward getting control of enterprise data.

At a Glance

The Global IDs platform maintains an up-to-date, comprehensive inventory of data assets, wherever they are in the ecosystem.

Establishes control points and read-only quality controls at the database level

Automated control generation for Critical Data Elements across all kinds of data sources

Continuous monitoring of quality metrics

Data quality reports and dashboards for key business data

Establishes RACI matrix associating data assets with human owners responsible and accountable for the quality of core data assets

As Quoted in Software Reviews

The auto-discovery of data and its profiling is a miracle. The Machine Learning Algorithms for the data profiling are well executed. The overall workflow of the tool is exceptional and well thought out.

CDO, Manufacturing

The automation of metadata collection. It is impossible to gather this information manually, and a wide range of metadata is needed to make sense of any data environment. Global IDs delivers the complete picture that is needed.

President, Banking

The Global IDs team is willing to go the extra mile in order to ensure that their product is among the best in terms of data quality and management.

Data Governance Specialist, Banking

My favorite aspect of Global Ids is the company itself. The leadership of Global Ids has demonstrated to me that it cares greatly about my success in using the product and ensuring I am getting the right value to help my company in meetings its goals

Data Governance Lead, Finance

The support team makes all of the difference. They’re always willing to work with you to create whatever you feel like is missing or needs to be tweaked to provide a better end-user experience

Data Governance Lead, Banking

The company has a passion for adding new product features that are needed for modern metadata management, and they strive to truly understand the needs of their customers. The technical depth of the product provides confidence in its applicability and use. Overall, it is the ecosystem approach that really sets Global Ids apart from the competition.

President, Banking