Data Privacy

A privacy program is as effective as the data management platform that underlies it

How It Works

Privacy Is Built on Data Management

Enterprises today face toxic combinations of data risk factors. Many organizations remain unaware of where sensitive data resides in their ecosystems and where it flows, and how the aggregation of apparently harmless data can create dangerous PII risks. Effective privacy thus requires more than just tools for consent management and breach notification. It requires the effective management of enterprise data.

Data Privacy
Global Data Privacy

Privacy Built From the Ground Up

Global IDs offers a ground-up approach to data privacy through its all-in-one Data Ecosystem Evolution Platform (DEEP) platform, comprising data discovery, classification, and lineage functions that create the foundation for privacy.

Evidence-Driven Compliance With Data Privacy Regulations

Global IDs DEEP platform brings order to today’s dynamic enterprise data ecosystems while enabling data privacy initiatives and evidence-based compliance with privacy regulations like CCPA and GDPR.

Compliance With Data Privacy Regulations
Data Discovery and Profiling

Global IDs Data Privacy at a Glance:

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