Data Lineage

How data flows through the enterprise, and what happens to it along the way

How It Works

Where did That Value come from?

The auditor’s question: Can you explain where this value in the report comes from? Do you know the provenance of the data that provides the basis for decision making, the data your enterprise runs on?

Every business understands and evaluates its own supply chains. How well do you know your enterprise’s data supply chain?

Enterprise Data Supply Chain
Data Lineage

Make Informed Decisions

In data governance, evidence-based decision making depends on understanding the real – not merely the hypothetical – flow of data.

Global IDs Data Lineage provides automated analysis of the actual flow of data through your enterprise, enabling you to understand – in real-time – where data originates, how it flows through the ecosystem, and how it is transformed en route.

Manage Change Intelligently

Data lineage underlies an objective approach to any large-scale change or evolution of the data ecosystem. Global IDs Data Lineage brings objectivity to project planning and decision making in data harmonization, cloud migration, organization mergers, application rationalization, and other data-centric initiatives.

Data Lineage Tools
Data Discovery and Profiling

Global IDs Data Lineage at a Glance:

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A Pragmatic Approach to Enterprise-wide Data Lineage

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