What is Data Classification?

Data classification is the process of categorizing and organizing data based on its inherent characteristics, significance, and sensitivity. This practice is essential for gaining insights into the nature of the data and enabling informed decisions on how to monetize, govern, and safeguard information assets.

Machine Learning Classifies all Data assets quickly and at scale with >95% accuracy

Why Trust Global IDs with Your Data Classification?

Unrivaled Accuracy Using ML

Our Machine Learning algorithms learn from each click delivering >95% accuracy.

Automated Discovery of Sensitive Data

Our Transfer Learning technology automates the discovery of sensitive data elements out-of-the-box.

Empower Business Users

Our Classification tools empower business users by automatically linking business glossary terms with the respective database columns.

Industry Standard Ontologies

Our classification tools can standardize the semantic layer using Industry Standard Ontologies such as FIBO, FHIR & IDMP.

How Does Data Classification Benefit You?

Security and Regulatory Compliance
Classified data uncovers the location of sensitive data allowing it to be protected. This improves regulatory compliance and reduces the likelihood of theft.
Simplify Integration and Interoperability
Classifying to a standard ontology allows the integration of data from diverse sources to become more straightforward. It also promotes interoperability by allowing different systems, applications, and components within and outside the firm to exchange data seamlessly.
Informed Decisions
Classification enables organizations to understand the location of their critical data elements to make more informed business decisions and improve data management strategies.

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