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As a "meritocracy," our employees are aware that superlative performance, tangible results and superior teamwork are key to success. Our employees show a deep dedication to their work, and in return the organization takes pride in each employee’s work and is dedicated to their personal, professional and financial growth.



Open Positions


Data Architect

Our Ideal Candidate:

You are an independent, innovative Data Architect with advanced problem solving skills, and who enjoys working in fast-paced product development organization. You should have in-depth experience with Java, and who has moved into Big Data and understands the concepts around NoSQL and various evolutions of technology within the Hadoop ecosystem. You have a solid understanding of enterprise patterns and practices would be very useful. You need to be passionate about Big Data and NoSQL, with knowledge of building large-scale distributed systems. You will be involved in the delivery of end-to-end solutions to clients.


Your Qualifications:


Interested in joining us? Send your resume to careers@globalids.com