Data Catalog

Seeing and understanding the data landscape

How it works

See landscape

See the logical as well as the physical landscape

A physical inventory of data assets is only the first step. Physical data assets embody logical assets. What does the physical data mean? What business concepts or logical entities does it represent? A meaningful and actionable view of the data landscape requires a map of its logical as well as its physical features.

Comprehensive vision

Build a comprehensive vision of the Data Landscape

The logical features of the landscape are captured in metadata(data about data). Global IDs Data Catalog creates the metadata foundation for understanding and managing the landscape, using machine learning to map business concepts to the underlying physical data assets.

With these intelligent “eyes”, stewards, analysts and data scientists are empowered to manage and extract business value from the landscape.


An active Data Catalog that scales with the enterprise

The Global IDs Data Catalog automates the linking of logical business data models to physical data assets, keeps the metadata up to date, and scales with the size of your enterprise from small to very large.

Classification graphic

Global IDs Data Catalog at a glance:

  • A view of the data landscape that is logical and oriented to business concepts
  • Machine learning that links logical and physical features of the landscape
  • A metadata repository of logical and physical relationships enabling effective management and extraction of business value from the data landscape
  • Federated search across the landscape for logical as well as physical targets

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