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Data Governance allows organizations to reduce cost by promoting data transparency, data quality and data integration across the enterprise data ecosystem.

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The Problem

Large organizations usually possess dense and opaque data environments.

Business analysts and data scientists who need data often find it difficult or impossible to locate the data they need. And if the right data is somehow found, it is often of low quality and questionable provenance.


The Remedy

Organizations need the discipline of data governance to ensure that their enterprise data can be trusted. Data governance requires data assets to comply with formal policies and specifications related to data quality, data security and lineage.

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Our Solution

The Data Governance Solution Suite (DGSS) is a comprehensive suite of applications that allows organizations to govern their core data assets in a systematic way.

In order to create a foundation for data governance, DGSS performs four core activities

  1. Data Discovery
  2. Data Profiling
  3. Data Quality
  4. Master Data Integration

These activities are performed in an automated fashion across thousands of databases in the enterprise. Core data assets are identified and mapped to create a semantic view of enterprise data.


In contrast to traditional approaches which focus on governing data silos, Global IDs allows organizations to govern data ecosystems.

This perspective allows organizations to see their data in a holistic manner, allowing visibility into the way in which business is conducted across the enterprise.

Our machine-centric approach to data governance is much more cost-effective than traditional approaches. It is:

  1. Automated (greater than 90%)
  2. High speed
  3. Continuously evolving (through increased awareness of the data landscape)

Some of the world's largest organizations have used this approach to bring transparency and visibility into complex data landscapes.

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Regulatory reforms such as the Sarbanes Oxley Act, HIPAA and the BCBS are driving organizations to implement data governance programs to improve their data quality, transparency and reporting while lowering their risk profile. - Arka Mukherjee, Global IDs Founder and CEO

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