Data Quality

Data is not trustable by default. Do you trust yours?

How it works

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Do you trust your Data?

Data is the lifeblood of today’s enterprises. Like the blood that flows through the body, it can become contaminated, lost, or bleed to places it should not. Corrupt data flows downstream from its points of origin, silently creating problems and wreaking havoc. Do you trust the quality of your data?

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Data Quality: The Foundation for Trust

Ensuring the quality of data requires a comprehensive approach. The Global IDs platform leverages our discovery, profiling, classification, lineage and catalog functions in establishing effective quality controls that make data trustable.

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Data Quality: The Foundation for Analytics and Compliance

Data science, machine learning, and analytics all require data of high quality or they won’t work. Compliance likewise requires enforcement of high data quality standards. The Global IDs Data Quality prepares your data for the future, as well as the demands of the present.

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Global IDs Data Quality at a glance:

  • Establishes control points and read-only quality controls at the database level
  • Automated control generation for Critical Data Elements across all kinds of data sources
  • Continuous monitoring of quality metrics
  • Data quality reports and dashboards for key business data
  • Establishes RACI matrix associating data assets with human owners responsible and accountable for the quality of core data assets

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