Digital Transformation

Knowledge for managing large-scale changes in the data environment

How It Works

Change detailed knowledge

Responsible Change Requires Detailed Knowledge

“Digital transformation” means many things to many people, but the common denominator is large-scale change to the enterprise data environment and business processes. Large-scale change can have many motives: legacy modernization, cloud migration, corporate mergers, regulatory compliance, application rationalization… the list goes on.

Regardless of the motive, responsible management of large-scale change is impossible without detailed knowledge of the data environment.

Platform based solution

A Platform-Based Solution

The Global IDs Data Ecosystem Evolution Platform (DEEP) platform - comprising discovery, profiling, classification, data catalog, and lineage functions - provides the kind of detailed knowledge of enterprise data, its location, its relationships, its provenance, and its movement within the ecosystem that project managers and data stewards need to assess feasibility, analyze impact, plan, execute, and oversee large-scale data-centric initiatives.

Automation scalability

Automation and Scalability

The Global IDs Data Ecosystem Evolution Platform (DEEP) Platform supports data environment transparency at the scale of any enterprise, small or large. With the ability to visualize location and flow of key data elements, inefficiencies and redundancies can no longer hide. Since the knowledge is derived from the data itself, decisions and impact analyses can be based on reality, not supposition.

Classification graphic

The Global IDs Platform and Digital Transformation, at a Glance:

  • Plan large-scale data-centric initiatives based on the truth of the data itself
  • Eliminate redundancy and rationalize applications based on the evidence
  • Visualize the flow of data for impact analysis
  • Deliver value with data-driven digital transformation

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