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The Data Ecosystem Cost Optimization Journey

Today's business environment demands that organizations manage their information efficiently, at optimal cost structures. Global IDs provides Fortune 500 companies with the software tools they need to move from ungoverned to governed data, while laying the foundation for data-centric computing in Hadoop / Cloud infrastructures.

Ungoverned Data

Ungoverned Data

Application-Centric Infrastructure
High Cost

Global IDs
Product Functions

Governed Data.

Governed Data

Data-Centric Infrastructure
Medium Cost

Global IDs
Product Functions

Rationalized Data and cloud infrastructure

Rationalized Data

Cloud + Hadoop-Centric Infrastructure
Low Cost

Bridge Bridge

Product Suite

The Global IDs Product Suite contains 30 layers of product functionality to address the diversity and complexity of corporate data landscapes.

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A Comprehensive Solution

To solve a diverse array of business and technical problems, the Global IDs Product Suite contains ~160 applications that have been developed over the last 12 years. These applications have been designed to be connected together to create custom workflows. The workflows can be executed with minimal human involvement provided adequate hardware is available.

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Global IDs Features and Benefits

Automated – Increases the efficiency and reduces the cost of big data management

Easy to Implement – Production-ready solutions can be implemented in weeks

Scalable – Solutions scale from functional to global projects

Business -Value Focused – Created for business data owners and data stewards

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