Inaugurating the Global IDs Knowledge Blog

Why a new blog on enterprise data management? Aren’t there too many company blogs already?

Yes, there probably are. Our aim in starting this one isn’t to add to the company blog pile because that is what companies do, nor is it to provide another outlet for the content of product information sheets. After all, the concern of those who are concerned with data management is solving data management problems, not hearing product spiels.

Taking effective responsibility for solving data management problems requires — in the first place — knowledge. Only if one has knowledge can one responsibly assess the claims made about this or that data management product.

There are many sources of information on data management and associated products, from software companies, to consulting firms, to research firms, to independent analysts. Software companies understandably are concerned with selling and pitching the particular features of their own products. 

The content of analyst reports is often more concerned with product comparisons than with educating the readership on the nature of data management issues and the requirements that any solution must fulfill.

The nature of data management concerns and solutions is inherently complex, but it is not beyond comprehension.

Our aim in this blog is educational. It is to explore concerns in data management, and to comment on trends, new ideas and opinions on these matters, in such a way as to educate our readership.

Yes, we too are a company that builds and sells enterprise software products, and we will be posting the occasional product announcement on our blog. The most successful business relationships, however, depend on understanding the problems that are being solved. Informed decision-making depends on knowledge, which depends on being educated in the nature of the relevant difficulties.

This kind of education is a pressing need, and we believe that we are specially positioned to help fill it. Our company, Global IDs, was founded by a scientist, and now employs scientists and engineers with extensive industry as well as academic experience. 

Our industry background over multiple decades has made us familiar with the concerns faced by data-centric enterprises. Global IDs scientific background makes us aware of the need to educate and enables us to do so.

With all that in mind, welcome again to the new Global IDs blog. And now, forward!