Migrating to AI: How to Prioritize Enterprise AI Efforts

To effectively leverage AI, businesses can prioritize simple yet high-return projects, such as process automation and AI-driven marketing. Managing data quality is critical to prevent inaccurate AI outputs or “hallucinations”. Global IDs can identify high-value business areas and ensure those areas have clean data to feed the Large Language Models, reducing hallucinations.
Organizations considering the utilization of AI to improve their businesses need a roadmap to understand where new value can be created. While hyper-automation is always a desirable state, AI offers multiple paths toward this goal. But how can a business decide where to focus its AI initiatives? Solutions that can build a strong data quality foundation for enterprises provide the first step towards creating value from AI.

Creating Value From AI:

It is usually beneficial to start with projects that are relatively simple to implement but offer significant returns. These areas include:
  • Cost reduction by automating customer interactions

  • Cost reduction by automating Coding and Testing

  • Increasing efficiency using AI-based marketing and content generation
  • Increasing innovation through AI awareness

Challenge – Bad Data and Hallucinations:

The complexity of enterprise data environments makes it difficult for the Large Language Models (LLMs) to process and understand what data can be trusted. If bad data is fed to LLMs, the result can lead to hallucinations and inaccurate results. Preventing hallucinations can allow AIs to become effective in creating value.

How Global IDs can help to Increase Trust in AI:

Using Global IDs solutions, enterprise data can be organized so the LLMs can focus on a large variety of problems. Starting with business taxonomy, Global IDs can prioritize areas of the business where the most value can be created and can ensure that those areas have clean data to feed the LLMs. This results in LLM efficiency and reduces spurious results (hallucinations).

Use AI + Business Taxonomy for Value Generation:

Global IDs solutions can create the business taxonomy, and feed the underlying data to LLMs. This leads to value generation in multiple areas of the business, and puts organizations on a systematic use of AI in all relevant business areas.