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The Global IDs Enterprise Data Automation (EDA) Platform

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  • All in one enterprise data platform

    All-in-One Enterprise Data Platform

    The Global IDs EDA Platform provides the unified foundation for a broad set of enterprise data-driven solutions - data governance, compliance, cloud migration, application rationalization, privacy, analytics, and more.

  • Deep technology stack

    Deep Technology Stack

    The Global IDs EDA Platform comprises a set of core functions - from automated discovery and profiling, to data classification, to data lineage, to data quality - that render data transparent, trustable, and explainable across the ecosystem.

  • Fully customizable

    Fully Customizable

    In enterprise software, one size does not fit all. The Global IDs EDA Platform yields fully customizable solutions for enterprises large and small.

  • Enterprise grade api

    Enterprise-grade, API-centric architecture

    The Global IDs EDA Platform architecture is designed for integration from the ground up, with all platform functionality accessible via APIs.

  • Scalable small large

    Scalable from small enterprises to very large

    The Global IDs EDA Platform automates data management for any size enterprise or data ecosystem.

  • Deployment flexibility

    Deployment flexibility

    The Global IDs EDA Platform offers flexible deployment, either on-prem or in the cloud.

  • Extensive library data sources

    Extensive Library of Connectors to Data Sources

    • Structured Databases
    • NoSQL and Big Data
    • Applications
    • Cloud/SaaS
    • File Types

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