Regulation AI Assistant

Global IDs introduces a comprehensive suite of AI tools to discover the regulations that affect your business and organize the data necessary to comply.

Automatically Identify Relevant Regulations

Global IDs Regulation Assistant streamlines regulation data governance. The AI engine automatically identifies the regulations relevant to your business and users can access detailed reports and linked documents for each regulation with a click.

Organize and Govern Unstructured File Data

The Regulation Assistant parses unstructured documents and harvests the critical data elements for quality and consistency governance. It associates these elements with Semantic Data Objects from the software, mapping them using its Machine Learning engine.

View Regulation Details

The Regulation Assistant delivers documentation on every regulation, allowing for quick reference and ensuring compliance across multiple jurisdictions with ease.
Scroll-triggered Video Playback
Scroll-triggered Video Playback

Discover Regulatory Source Data and Lineage Flow

Regulation Assistant discovers the tables where the regulation data originates enabling data quality metrics and governance at the source.

Users can visualize the lineage flow at the data value level to gain insight into the lifecycle of a specific record.

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